What are we doing?

е-Vox system as backend should become the basis for various applications.
We plan to create frontend to satisfy such areas of voting/decision making:

  • Primaries and other political processes
  • E-petitions, local electronic plebiscites, electronic referenda
  • Voting for local councils and parliaments
  • Voting for any groups and communities, and for other purposes

The project is open for volunteers.

Currently developers from Ambisafe and Vareger Group are working on e-Petitions service. MVP will be the first end-user application which will help us to test the technology and move forward.


The following issues on our next agenda:

  • identification modules (digital signature under the laws of Ukraine, bank-ID and mobile-ID)
  • anonymization module


Each blockchain transaction which carry the information with voting desicion will be signed with digital signature legally recognized in Ukraine. That will help to launch in Ukraine projects on collective decision-making that requires legal status.

Our project is free to be developed in every country, so please to hesitate to contact us to start cooperation in any local purposes.


e-Plebiscites in Vyshhorod Town (see town’s wiki page in a new tab)

This is the suburb of Kiev with 25,000 population.

Under the memorandum we agreed with major of the town Oleksii Momot to implement a multiple of e-democracy services. Other cities are free to join the project.

The main goal is to introduce the first permanent electronic web-service on plebiscites.

Application can be installed on personal PC, Tablets and smartphones and public computer systems like ATMs and street pay terminals.



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ID options:

  • digital signature
  • ID-card/passport
  • bank ID
  • mobile ID
  • fingerprints

2016-02-26 (1)

We invite donors organizations who support democracy and IT projects to aid our project in Vyshhorod.

Voting system for political parties 

We are going to introduce a system that will serve the needs of political parties to support internal democracy and transparency in primaries and other decision-making processes.

We are working on conception and technical task for the moment.


Voting for deputies of city counsels

We are plan to issue an application specialized for voting process in counsels.

As demands of each counsels could be different, it seems we need to think of commercial model for individual orders. Nevertheless, basic application that is suitable for any kind of group of voters and communities can be free of charge.


e-Voting for communities

An application and open code for developers which can make a contribution for the development of multifunctional voting instrument to any purposes and communities,
We look for volunteers and donors for support.


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