e-Vox: Open e-Democracy Platform

Ethereum blockchain based


We are a team of associates: developers, experts, and enthusiasts. We strive to steer our life and design our future. We believe in the power of human relationships and the potential of social opportunities. We aim to make our decisions fast and fair. We value the quality of implementation of our will – therefore we apply the best available solution - blockchain technology


Blockchain – leading world experts are already developing the product – is the foundation on which we build e-democracy tools: voting, referenda, plebiscites, primaries. It is essential that blockchain eliminates breach and fraud. This is analogous to a synchronous voting by raising hands by millions of people, absolutely reliably measured in real time


We believe that people can directly govern all aspects of their lives: how many taxes to pay, how to design cities, which research projects to invest in – not via remote an unreliable representatives-delegates, but on a personal and daily basis. We believe that this is possible in the whole world, so we will promote this idea everywhere – for the genuine social empowerment and the will of the people


Implementing full-fledged self-governance of one’s personal and collective sphere of responsibility is possible and vital. Now we have learnt to communicate and collaborate irrespective of time and distance. Making “publicly significant decisions” can be easy as well. One only needs Internet access – everything else is absolutely realistic, and we are eager to teach

Our activities

On February, 11, 2016 the volunteer group of activists and organizations signed the memorandum declaring the common goals and objectives. Our aim is to elaborate an e-voting tool for a fair and transparent collective decision making. Our philosophy is decentralization based on the blockchain technology, which allows organizing voting without moderators, administrators or any other intermediaries, which usually perform central governing functions. The memorandum is open for joining by anyone. One doesn’t need to be a developer or an expert in e-democracy. One should merely share our mission

Why and what is blockchain?

What our sysytem is applied for?

  • E-petitions, local electronic plebiscites, electronic referenda
  • Primaries and other political processes
  • Voting for local councils and parliaments
  • Voting for any groups and communities, and for other purposes